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Routine Maintenance Of Slaughter Equipments

Routine Maintenance Of Slaughter Equipments

To introduce the daily maintenance of slaughtering equipment.

1. On-site equipment maintenance and management: equipment maintenance can be divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance according to time, and general maintenance, regional maintenance and key equipment maintenance according to maintenance mode. Maintenance work roughly includes inspection, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, dismantling and repairing and other on-site management and maintenance work.

2. Regional Maintenance of Slaughter Machinery: Regional Maintenance of Equipment is divided into several areas according to the amount of equipment owned or the type of equipment in the production area. Maintenance workers have a clear division of labor and cooperate closely with the operators. They are responsible for supervising and guiding the operators of equipment in the area under their jurisdiction to operate correctly, use reasonably and maintain the equipment meticulously. Carry out inspection tour, master the operation of equipment, and undertake certain equipment maintenance work; Responsible for the implementation of assessment indicators such as the intact rate of equipment in the district and downtime rate of failure. Regional maintenance is a post responsibility system to strengthen equipment maintenance management to serve production and mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance workers.

3. neatly: tools, workpieces, accessories are placed neatly; safety protection devices are complete; line pipes are complete.

4. Cleaning of slaughter machinery: cleaning inside and outside the equipment; no oil stain and bruise on sliding surfaces and screw, gear and rack; no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and electricity leakage on all parts; cleaning of scrap garbage.

5. Lubrication: timely refueling and oil change, oil quality meets the requirements; oil kettle, oil gun, oil cup, felt, oil line is clean and complete, oil marked bright, oil line is smooth.

6. Safety: Implementing the system of appointment and handover; Familiar with the structure of equipment and abide by operating rules, rational use of equipment, meticulous maintenance of equipment and prevention of accidents.

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