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Poultry Farm Nipple Drinking System

Brand : osaint

Product origin : Jinan China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 100 Set

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Water is important part in chicken feeding in a poultry farm. To provide the clean and fresh water is essential part to maintain their healthy and keep the chicken poultry away of all kinds diseases. So some chicken keeper will choose poultry farm nipple drinking system to save labor and get the fresh water.

Nipple drinking system is widely used not only in popular chicken farm cage layer system, but used in deep litter system in poultry farm.What elements consist of the nipple drinking system in poultry farm ? we take deep litter system for example.

Poultry farm nipple drinking system mainly include four part:

First is water front part, this part supply the filter and dosing device with medicine, these part will help the chicken nipple drinking system to get the filter water and keep away the dirty impurities.

Second part of the nipple drinking system is drinking system, this part include drinking tube,  chicken drinker nipple with chicken drinking cup, and so on. With this nipple drinking system, the chicken can reach the water directly, most important, the nipple drinker can be used with 360 degree. And if there is no touch for the nipple drinker, then there is no more water leak, this can help to keep the poultry farm clean and dry.

The thirdly part of the poultry farm is nipple drinking system hanging system, this mainly made of nylon or steel, as different length and weight of chicken nipple drinking line. They can adjust the height of the poultry nipple drinking line, to fit different age of the chicken.

The forth part of the chicken nipple drinking system is regulator and water line end part.

The nipple drinking system regulator mainly used to adjust the chicken drinking  water line pressure, to keep the water reach average piece of the nipple. And there is another function for chicken nipple drinking system, that is it can used to flush the water tube, to keep the nipple drinking line inside clean.


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