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Automatic Pan Feeding System

Brand : osaint

Product origin : Jinan China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 100 Set

Automatic Pan Feeding System Automatic Poultry Pan Feeding System Broiler pan feeding system Automatic Chicken Pan Feeding System BASIC PAN FEEDING SYSTEM for broilers

Automatic Pan Feeding System


The Automatic Pan Feeding System is produced for growing broilers poultry from day old chick till slaughter process.

And with the automatic pan feeding system, the farmer can save much labor during cleaning period with winching up the whole broiler pan feeding system and all of them can be easily be cleaned.

 Automatic Pan Feeding System

The description of the automatic pan feeding system:

-       There are three model automatic feeding pan for choice in our Shandong Osaint company. 5 feed level feeding pan, 7 level feeding pan and 10 level feeding pan.

-       The slid shutter can adjust according to the broiler feeding amount, from open to close, it can be adjust by manual easily.

-       Automatic feed pan can work seperatly as specialy pan for day old chick. During this time, just disable the plate from complete feeding pan with easily operation.

-       The feeding pan plate with V shape grip, it can reduce feed storage in the bottom, stop to flock feed, then the broiler chicken can have fresh feed every day.

-       V shape plate bottom also can prevent the broiler poultry stand on the plate and keep long time.

-       The grim edge very smooth, with this to prevent the poultry broiler from hurt and make sure safety.

-       The automatic chicken feeder pan plate tilt toward the center, to avoid the waste of the feed.


The automatic pan feeding system is getting more and more popular in chicken farm useage with good efficient.

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